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Posted on: March 2, 2023

Is Idaho Inching Towards California, Oregon and Washington?

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Idaho Senate Bill S1081, if passed, will provide a special “Restricted Driver’s License” that a United States Citizen could not have received, but people here illegally could.  

Sheriff Robert B. Norris stated that municipalities that accommodate people in the United States illegally have more illegal migration. Municipalities subsequently have an increased need for schools, social services, jails, and law enforcement.  Rewarding illegal aliens with a “Restricted Driver’s License” is essentially a tax on every Idahoan.

Sheriff Robert B. Norris vehemently opposes Driver’s Licenses for illegal aliens in the state of Idaho, he voted no as a member of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association and the Association voted to oppose this bill. All Idahoans should be concerned that this bill is even being considered. It appears that special interest groups and their lobbyists have influence in Idaho’s Capital.

There are states that reward people for breaking the law, let’s not make Idaho one of them. The Sheriff, and many municipalities, have seen the trailer, the movie and the sequel to accommodating people who have already broken the law to be here, and the result is not good. The Sheriff does support Driver’s Licenses for people who are legal residents of this country. Encourage your legislator to vote no on S1081. 

Sheriff Robert B. Norris
By: Lt. Zachary Sifford 

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March 2, 2023
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