2023 Radio Roundup

Date/Time: Saturday September 9, 10AM – 12PM

What: A simultaneous directed net exercise, on three repeater systems.

Who’s Invited: All North Idaho and East Washington hams.

Purpose of the Exercise: To give local hams exposure to a “directed net environment”; to train Kootenai ARES/RACES resources on high-intensity net traffic; to test personal radios, antennas, Repeaters, go-kits.

What will happen: At 10AM, THREE Net Control Stations (NCS) will open simultaneous Directed Nets on three repeaters. The NCS will log in participating stations using the “suffix letter” procedure. NCS will ask each participant three easy questions: What is your call sign, first name, and brand name of the radio you are using?

Participating stations are invited to log in to any or all repeater systems to test propagation and signal strength; and if desired, to log in to a repeater system multiple times to test different radios and antennas.

The three repeater systems are as follows:

Kootenai ARES KC7ODP Repeater –

147.080 Mhz, PL 100.0 – Idaho Mica Peak, Post Falls, ID

KARS Club K7ID Linked Repeater System –

146.78 Mhz, PL 127.3 – Little Blacktail Mountain, Cocololla, ID

146.98 Mhz, PL 127.3 – Idaho Mica Peak, Post Falls, ID

443.975 Mhz, PL 100.0 – West Canfield Butte, Coeur d’Alene, ID

North Idaho Repeater Group (NIRG) Linked Repeater System –

 146.280 Mhz, PL 100.0 – Mount Blossom, Post Falls, ID

 442.950 Mhz, PL 100.0 – Mount Blossom, Post Falls, ID

 147.260 Mhz, PL 186.2 – St. Joe Baldy Mountain, St. Maries, ID

 147.180 Mhz, PL 118.8 – Goose Peak Mountain, Wallace, ID

 145.49 Mhz, PL 136.5 – HooDoo Mountain, Blanchard, ID

 444.550 Mhz, PL 100.0 – HooDoo Mountain, Blanchard, ID

 146.960 Mhz, PL 123.0 – Black Mountain, Bonners Ferry, ID

 145.41 Mhz, PL 71.0 – Priest Lake, ID

Please direct questions to:

Ed Stuckey (AI7H)

Kootenai ARES Emergency Coordinator

Email: ai7h.id@gmail.com

We hope to hear you on Saturday September 9th! 73, Ed AI7H