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How Local Amateur Radio Operators are Connected to Our Served Agency

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for Kootenai County is host to our local ARES/RACES group.  This is a joint group of two volunteer ham radio organizations that form the national emergency arm of amateur radio.  During a communications emergency, we meet the needs of our served agency, OEM.  To maintain and develop our skills, we hold monthly meetings (visitors are welcome!), weekly nets (radio check-ins), drills, and participate in public service events.  We also meet training requirements set by our peers.  This ensures radio operators have the competency level needed in a communications emergency because: When all else fails, amateur radio works! 

See our Calendar for a list of current activities.  For additional information contact: OEM at (208) 446-1776 or and ask for the EOC Coordinator. 

ARES/RACES Organizational Flow Chart

ARES-RACES Organizational Flow Chart_page-0001