It is the policy of the KCSO to recognize exceptional service by our members through the formal use of commendations. This applies for both certified (sworn deputies) and civilian personnel.

This list identifies three ways you may express your appreciation for excellent or superior service/performance.

  • Ask to speak to the member’s supervisor or ask for the appropriate division and verbally communicate your praise.
  • You can write a letter to the Sheriff describing the superior service and/or performance.
  • You can email us at KCSO. Please refrain from using email to report crimes or incidents in progress. The email address is monitored during weekday business hours only.

Personnel File

Letters and emails received by the Sheriff will be forwarded to the employee in order to extend your gratitude, and a copy will be placed in the member’s personnel file. The member’s performance will also be recognized by the Sheriff and may be considered for other Sheriff’s Office awards.