EOC Training

Please read first before proceeding.

Emergency Operations Center Training (EOC)

Thank you for your interest in taking E-Learning classes to better understand the purpose and functions of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and your responsibilities as a Volunteer serving within the EOC.

Training Requirements 

(We recommend you use Chrome for taking training)

Mandatory Training

  • EOC 101.  This training is mandatory for all Volunteers.   
  • Can You Hear Me Now Drill Video: Please watch the link, below, which will help familiarize you with Alert! Kootenai, our notification system.
  • Section Chiefs: If you have been asked to serve as a Section Chief, please take the training that applies to your Section e.g. Logistics, Planning, etc. Please note- we are in the process of updating the section specific trainings and hope to have newer versions posted in the near future!

Optional Training

  • Targeted training for each EOC Section (Logistics, Planning, etc.) is also included. While this training is mandatory for all Volunteers serving as Section Chiefs. It is optional enrichment training for all other Volunteers within the EOC.

Completing the Exams

Follow these steps for completing the exam provided with each course:

  • Review the applicable presentation prior to taking the test.
  • Click on the exam link displayed below the presentation link.
  • EOC 101: Once you have completed the fillable pdf, email it to the EOC Coordinator at kcoem@kcgov.us.
  • All other exams: These exams will allow you to submit your exam online.  Your exam will be automatically tallied and the results emailed to the email address you provided.  Forward a copy of your emailed test score to the EOC Coordinator at kcoem@kcgov.us.
  • You will receive your Certificate of Completion in approximately 10 business days and a copy of your Certificate will be placed in your Volunteer file.

Technical Assistance

If you have any technical difficulties with the E-Learning courses or taking the exams, please contact our office at 208-446-1775 during normal business hours.


On behalf of the Kootenai County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), we thank you for taking the time to train and learn more about how we operate the Kootenai County Emergency Operations Center.  Your service makes our community safer, stronger and more resilient.  OEM’s mission cannot succeed without trained, committed Volunteers like yourself!

Best Regards,

Tiffany Westbrook, OEM Director 

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