Per Idaho Code 31-2202(8), one of the primary functions of the Kootenai County Sheriff's Civil Division is professional service of civil process. We promise to make diligent and good faith effort to serve your legal papers in a timely manner and hope to make your situation easier. 

We cannot provide any legal advice, only procedural information.  If you need legal advice, you must contact an attorney.

We cannot do any research for you or use our resources to serve your paperwork.  You must provide all the necessary information.  The better the information you provide, the better the chances of successful service.  

We do not provide legal forms or documents.  Visit Idaho Court Assistance Office or contact an attorney.  

All enforcement documents, such as Writs and Warrants must be served by the Office of the Sheriff (a writ of restitution is an exception), per Idaho Code 31-2201, 31-2202(8).  

Please understand that although we are happy to serve your papers, criminal papers take priority over civil papers, and civil papers are processed and served in the order they are received.  This means, despite our best efforts, your papers may not be served as soon as you would like.  It may be beneficial for you to know that many documents such as Small Claims Summons, Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas, Orders to Show Cause and Notices can be served by anyone over the age of 18, who is not a party to the action, or by using a private Process Server.  

Process Servers List

We will contact you by mail, at the address you provide, with the results of the service efforts.

If you want to know the status of your case, please submit your request via email.  Please include the case number, if applicable, and the Defendant's name.  

Sheriff's Letter of Instruction for Process Service - Idaho Code 31-2211 mandates that all paperwork received by the Sheriff's Office for service must be accompanied by a Sheriff's Letter of Instruction.  This letter must instruct who is to be served, where the defendant is to be served and what documents need to be served.  It must be signed by you or your attorney.

Please note: Civil procedure is different than criminal procedure.  In a criminal case, the Sheriff’s Office represents that State of Idaho and performs criminal investigations.  In civil case, KCSO does not represent either party, serving strictly as the intermediary.