Work Release Program

The Work Release Program is an alternative incarceration program which allows an inmate who is sufficiently trusted and monitored to leave confinement to continue working at their current place of employment and return to the Public Safety Building after completion of their shift to serve their jail time. Program eligibility will be determined by Work Release staff on a case-by-case basis. Candidates that have an extensive criminal history of repeated offenses maybe disqualified. Other disqualifying factors include;

- Past disciplinary issues.
- History of escape, absconding and failing to appear.
- History of violating no contact orders, violent/sexual offenses. 
- Sentenced less than 7 days.
- Out of county/state charges. 

The Work Release Program oversees inmates sentenced to the:

  • Sheriff's Community Labor Program
  • Work Release Program

The Work Release Employer Checklist is available here.


All transactions are cash only!

Work Release fees are $30 per day.

Additional Information

Call 208-446-1370 for more information.