Traffic Patrol Team

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Traffic Team was developed in the spring of 1998. The focus of the KCSO Traffic Team is to educate and influence motorists' behaviors through the enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances. Our overall goal is to reduce the number of traffic crashes and make travel on Kootenai County roads safer for everyone.


Although enforcement is in integral part of the Traffic Team’s mission, far greater effort is put forth in the realm of education. The Team actively participates in multiple programs and events designed to educate drivers, especially Alive at 25 Green 2young ones, and reduce the overall number of crashes. One of these programs is the “Alive at 25” class that targets drivers aged 15-24 providing useful information for making positive driving decisions now and in the future. One Sergeant and two deputies actively teach these classes on a regular basis.